Vehicle alignments is essentially an umbrella term that covers all things related to the control of the vehicle. Vehicle alignments ensure that the wheels are working in the same direction. A misaligned vehicle can lead to steering and suspension problems, which in turn can lead to even more issues. Regularly performed alignments can lead to extended tire life, better gas mileage and smoother, more comfortable ride.


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to cause a vehicle’s alignment to get thrown off. Potholes, debris, minor accidents and normal wear-and-tear can cause the suspension of your vehicle to become misaligned. The symptoms of misalignment usually include a noticeable “veer” or “pull” to one side of the road or other. As vehicles age, rubber/plastic components can start to crack, causing elasticity in the ball and socket joints. Over time they start to give a little more, progressively getting slightly worse over time. Even the slightest misalignment can lead to premature wear on tires.

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