Brake Service

If there is one periodic repair that’s needed in every vehicle, regardless of condition, it’s brake service. Most vehicles today use “disc brakes.” There are still older models that use “drum brakes.” Disc brakes are pretty simple as far as how they operate. Essentially, it works kind of like a bicycle. When the brake pedal is depressed, the brake pads press against the disc, creating friction.

brake serviceA few symptoms of a faulty break system may include: grinding or squealing noises when the brake is depressed, ABS light notification on the dashboard, pulsation in the foot or steering wheel when the brake is depressed, slow or improper release of brake pedal after it is depressed, pulling or veering when braking and a soft feel to the break pedal when depressed.

To avoid or remedy these issues, fixes could include: replacement of brake pads, brake lines, cylinders, rotors or drums, calipers (re-calibration), and brake-line flushing. ABS diagnostics might also be needed.

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