Power Steering

The power steering system in your car or truck not only helps you steer your car, but is an important safety feature as well. Power steering works by using a system of pumps and fluid to reduce the amount of effort needed to turn, especially at low speeds. With today’s automobiles, turning the steering wheel is without properly functioning power steering, making it an critical system to a vehicle’s safety.

There are many components to power steering, and one of the most common replacements in a power steering system is the power steering pump. The pump assists steering efforts by pressurizing the fluid and distributing it throughout the system. Common symptoms of power steering pump failure include: fluid leaks, difficulty steering, or noises (whiny) while turning the steering wheel.

power steeringA common power steering maintenance item is the flushing of the power steering system. The system operates under a significant amount of pressure, and over time pressure build up causes the fluid to break down and become less effective. Similar to transmission fluid, power steering fluid contains properties that help clean the internal parts of the system. Consult your owner’s manual to determine the maintenance interval for your power steering system.

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