Shocks and Struts

The shocks and/or struts in a vehicle perform two critical functions. They dampen spring oscillation, and secondly, they help with ride control. In short, shocks and struts stabilize the suspension on your vehicle and help keep the tires on the road. A vehicle’s suspension and steering systems are some of the most important systems when it comes to safety.

Depending on use, the shocks and struts on your car or truck will over time begin to wear out and will eventually need to be replaced. A few symptoms of worn shocks and struts can include: vehicle misalignment, rattling sounds from the suspension, excessively “bouncy” rides, premature tire wear and handling problems that can make your vehicle a risk to operate.

It is important to take shock/strut repairs seriously. Proper functionality of these parts is imperative to the handling of your vehicle, making for safer driving conditions.

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