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Car Repair for heating and cooling systems in all vehicle makes and models -

Keep it Cool!

If your car’s temperature isn’t right, you risk creating more major problems.

We can fix and replace radiators and more to keep you moving.

Heating & Cooling Repair Shop in Jamestown MI, serving Hudsonville, Zeeland, Byron Center area -

The right temperature, inside and out!

Keep your car the right temperature in any condition, inside and out!

If you are experiencing temperature discomfort inside your car, or it seems to be running too hot under the hood, the ASE-Certified technicians at Jamestown Automotive Repair are equipped to diagnose the issues and get your car running better, fast.

Regular maintenance and attention to your vehicle’s heating and cooling system will prevent the drying out and cracking of A/C components and leaky valves or blockages to your heater.

We will be sure your car’s cooling system is functioning safely, with regular radiator maintenance and flushes, so you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

If you experience any type of heating or cooling problem with your vehicle, contact Jamestown Auto!.

“Great place! Customer service is A++ – Highly recommend.” – Amy

From maintenance to repair of your car’s heating and cooling system, Jamestown Auto has you covered!

  • Diagnostics

  • Overheating

  • Heater Core

  • Water Pumps

  • Coolant Flushes

  • Radiator Leaks

  • Radiator Replacement

  • Electronic Control Systems

  • Air Conditioning Repair

  • Belt & Hose Replacement

  • Blower Motors

  • Cooling Fans

Ask us about supercharging your heating and cooling system with BG!

BG Cooling System Service protects your engine from heat, and keeps it from freezing on sub-zero mornings.

The cooling system is your engine’s only means of releasing heat that builds to incredible temperatures inside the engine block.

Water mixed with coolant carries the heat out of your engine to the radiator, where it’s transferred to the metal fins in the evaporator and blown into the air.

Over time, and with temperature extremes, your coolant’s protective additives are depleted and begin to break down and become acidic to engine surfaces. This breakdown in coolant conditioners causes corrosion and scale to permeate the system.

BG Cooling System Service dissolves and removes accumulated deposits of scale and sludge.

Old, contaminated fluid is replaced with new coolant that is fortified with BG Universal Super Cool® to protect the metal surfaces inside the radiator and extend the life of the water pump, heater core and hoses.

Comprehensive Heating and Cooling Repairs for Every Vehicle Make and Model.

The Jamestown team works hard to pinpoint any issues present in your heating and cooling system, so you can enjoy your ride!

After an accurate diagnosis and estimate, our ASE-Certified technicians repair all necessary components including the radiator, thermostats, water pump, belts, hoses and more to guarantee consistent comfort and smooth riding at every temperature.

We are a Subaru-Certified Repair Shop!

Bring us your Subaru, whether it’s brand new or it’s been in the family for decades. We’ll treat it like it’s our own.

Plus, we repair Jeeps, domestic and foreign cars, trucks & SUVs – any make or model you have in the garage.

“Honest and fair!” – Peter

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